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This page features some video and audio samples so that you can get an idea of the Sing4Fun sound. Please bear in mind that these are not professionally produced recordings and that these samples only cover a small part of the Choir's repertoire.

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A video of the Sing4Fun Choir singing a song called "The Fool". This was recorded in 2010 during the early days of Sing4Fun. (click on the image above to play the video.)


Some more examples of Sing4Fun in action but this time in audio form. Sample 1 features excerpts from Great Day, Senua De Dende, The Fool and Sing. Sample 2 features excerpts from The Rivers of Babylon and You Raise Me Up. The Christmas songs featured in the third sample are Rocking Around the Christmas Tree, African Crib Carol, Stille Nacht (Silent Night in German), Jinglebell Rock and White Christmas.

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